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Geoffrey Kibby and Raymond Fatto

On-line synoptic key to the species of Russula
in North America

This on-line tool represents an updated version of the synoptic keys published by Kibby and Fatto some years ago, and allows to quickly check the characters of your collections to see which species match the chosen criteria.

To try and identify your specimen, please choose from the drop-down lists you see on the right one or more characters and push the 'Search' button. A list of the species matching your selection will be shown. Should your query return no results, try to use less characters, avoiding perhaps those you are not certain of.

Cap colour:  
Cap cuticle separability:  
Color of the stipe:  
Cap diameter:  
Spore-print color:  
Discoloration of flesh:  
Spore length:  
Height of spore ornamentation (warts/spines):  
Presence of connective on spore surface:  
Gill cystidia in SV:  
Pileus cystidia in SV:  
Other properties of pileocystidia/hyphae:  
Shape of pileus hyphal tips: