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Tools for identification of Russulales

The European Russula and Lactarius-flora is well covered by a good number of monographs and field-guides, which provide tools for the identification of these fungi both to the beginner and the professional mycologist.

The situation is much different in other continents, where such tools are seriously lacking. One of the aims of Russulales News is to make available on-line some new tools, keys and so on which can aid you in naming your collections.

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Geoffrey Kibby and Raymond Fatto
On-line synoptic key to North-American Russulas

This on-line tool represents an updated version of the synoptic keys published by Kibby and Fatto some years ago, and allows to quickly check the characters of your collections to see which species match the chosen criteria.

Bart Buyck
Provisional key to subsection Virescentinae in the U.S. (new!)

This provisional key will help Russula amateurs to identify the species of subsection Virescentinae in North America, including several new taxa which are in the process of being described.

Jorinde Nuytinck & Annemieke Verbeken
Key to the European species of Lactarius sect. Deliciosi (new!)

A useful key to distinguish the European milk-caps belonging to sect. Deliciosi (mostly with orange or red milk). This key is one of the results of the thourough study of this group made by the two authors.

Bart Buyck
On-line key to the European species of Russula (soon to come...)

A multiple-entry key to European Russula species based on macroscopical and ecological features is being prepared by Bart in cooperation with Vincent Robert (CBS, The Netherlands), using Vincent's BioloMICS software.