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Developing a web-site like Russulales News, and keeping the information provided up to date, requires a lot of efforts. The developers of the site (see section 'People') are being helped in several ways by many other enthusiastic Russula and Lactarius specialists and by other mycologists who are continuously helping providing us with suggestions, additions, etc.

First of all we wish to thank the Museo Tridentino di Scienze Naturali, which is hosting on its server these pages; Andrea Forti and Enrico Rossi are thanked for their help with some technical issues regarding the site.

The development of the database of Russula and Lactarius has been to this point the most time consuming activity for the collaborators to Russulales News. Special thanks are due in particular to Machiel Noordeloos and Guy Redeuilh † for a substantial help in the creation of the database of Lactarius names, and to Gerhard Weber for sharing with us his precious list of Russula names published world-wide. We hope that within some years Russulales News will be able to share through the web reliable nomenclatural information for both these and other genera of Russulales. Jorinde Nuytinck is thanked for carefully reviewing the data concerning the species of Lactarius sect. Deliciosi. Edelgard Tschen helped us providing one of the original descriptions we were missing.

A lot of work goes also in the typing of the original descriptions of taxa, which we are trying to add exhaustively to our database, and in completing the nomenclatural references of a taxon, or tracing information about the most obscure names. Many people have helped or are helping us in several ways: André Bidaud, Massimo Candusso, Luciana Eccher, Daniel Guez, Anthony Hughes, Pierre-Arthur Moreau, Mauro Sarnari, Nicolas Van Vooren are some of them, as well as many members of the forum Mycologia Europaea, lead by its administrator Jacques Melot, and of the French Russula discussion group.

Also the literature DB is finally taking off, with over 1000 useful references. Ursula Peintner was generous to share with us her very rich database of articles, to which the late prof. Meinhard Moser † greatly contributed.

The archive of Russulales photographs is now starting to grow quickly, and we hope to be able soon to put on the site good photographs of many species from different continents. We wish to thank those who are allowing us to use their beautiful, and often unpublished, images: Alejandro Kong Luz, Alfredo Vizzini, Andrea Aiardi, Angelo Moron, Annemieke Verbeken, Arturo Baglivo, Daniela Andreazzi, David Lewis, Dennis E. Desjardin, Dirk Stubbe, Emanuele Campo, Emilio Pini, Fabio Tomaselli, Federico Calledda, Francis Farcy, Gerhard Weber, Giacomo Altinier, Giancarlo Partacini, Giorgio Gozzi, Henk Huijser, Huyen Le Thanh, Jan Vesterholt, Jean-Jacques Suss, Jorinde Nuytinck, Jukka Vauras, Kobeke Van de Putte, Luca Pederiali, Marc Ducousso, Marco Donini, Mario Cervini, Markus Wilhelm, Michael Pilot, Miquel À. Pérez-De-Gregorio, Pascal Hériveau, Pieremilio Ceccon, Pierre-Arthur Moreau, Raymond Fatto, Renato Brotzu, Roy E. Halling, Terry Henkel, Vincenzo Migliozzi, William Roody, Xiang-Hua Wang.