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A revision of Collybia s.l. in the northeastern United States and adjacent Canada

Roy E. Halling presents an on-line revised edition of his 1983 book, now out-of-print. The author presents very useful keys to the genera Collybia, Rhodocollybia, and Gymnopus, providing also descriptions and illsutrations for the recognized taxa.

Agaricales of Java and Bali

Dennis E. Desjardin and Egon Horak present a very interesting web-site about the Agaricales of Java and Bali, result of a biotic survey project designed to document the diversity, distribution and ecology of agarics and boletes (i.e., mushrooms) from the Malaysian Archipelago.

All about Inkcaps

The late Kees Uljé, surely the best Coprinus taxonomist, had prepared during the last years of his life a very nice and rich web-site about this fascinating genus of very fragile fungi, including, keys, illustrations and a very useful identification program.

Edible Mycorrhizal Mushroom Research Group

Key to subgenus Dermocybe (Cortinarius)

The Norwegian specialist Klaus Høiland has made available on the web this useful key for the identification of the colourful Cortinarius species of subgenus Dermocybe.

Russulales News

This web site has taken the place of the hard copy "Russulales News", and continues the task of providing mycologists up to date information about the taxonomy and systematics of the order Russulales.

The Mushroom Genus Laccaria in North America

If you want to know everything about the genus Laccaria you should not forgaet to visit this web-site, prepared by Gregory M. Mueller, author of a well known monograph on this genus. Descriptions, keys, photographs, literature... and everything you always wanted to know about Laccarias.

The Phlegmacium web-site

Wild Mushrooms from Tokyo