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Giorgio Gozzi

The Author describes his collections of Loreleia marchantiae, a rare omphalinoid agaric found in autumn 2009 and 2016, near the Pizé Nautral Reserve (Pergine Valsugana, TN, Italy). The genus Loreleia includes fungi superficially similar to Rickenella, characterised by an obligate association with mosses and liverworts of different genera, particularly Marchantia spp.; the illustrated collections represent the first records of this species for the province of Trento and possibly for Italy. The Author also discusses the delimitation of L. marchantiae with regards to L. postii, a closely related species that some authors suggest to be conspecific with the former taxon.

Boll. Gr. micol. G. Bres. (n.s.) 55-56 (1-3): 9-16.

Alessandra Coppola, Vincenzo Migliozzi & Antonio Pizzuti Piccoli

After having an introduction dedicated to the environmental characteristics of the Natural Oasis Palo Laziale, a list of the fungal species found in the affected area is reported. Twenty of them are illustrated with pictures and commented succinctly.

Boll. Gr. micol. G. Bres. (n.s.) 55-56 (1-3): 17-60.

Horia Salch, Renato Brotzu & Fabio Padovan

On the basis of some collections made in November 2004 and November 2011 in the forest of Sas Baddes (Supramonte of Orgosolo, Nuoro), the presence in Italy of Campylomyces heimii (Malençon) Nakasone, a rare cyphelloid species hitherto known only from Morocco, Spain and France, is documented. The authors present a macro- and microscopic iconography and give an historical overview of the systematics of this species.

Boll. Gr. micol. G. Bres. (n.s.) 55-56 (1-3): 61-68.

Vincenzo Migliozzi

The Author proposes a complete description and iconography of Leucoagaricus lidensis Migl. & P. Alvarado, a species of the section Rubrotincti repeatedly observed in different localities of the Roman littoral, in association with holm oak and pine, in autumn. Photographic illustrations of the macromorphological characters and a phylogenetic tree showing the position of the new species within the section are proposed.

Boll. Gr. micol. G. Bres. (n.s.) 55-56 (1-3): 69-75.

Renato Jonny Ferrari

The Author proposes a macro- and microscopic description of Lactarius fraxineus, accompanied by photos and drawings. The ecology of the species is discussed and a comparison of the closest species is added.

Boll. Gr. micol. G. Bres. (n.s.) 55-56 (1-3): 85-90.

Marco Bianchi, Paolo Picciola & Alfredo Vizzini

Gyroflexus brevibasidiatus (Hymenochaetales, Agaricomycetes), first record for the Italian territory

The authors, based on a Gyroflexus brevibasidiatus collection from Trentino, provide a macro- and microscopic description of that species, together with a photo, drawings of the microscopic features, a taxonomic discussion and a comparison with allied species.

Boll. Gr. micol. G. Bres. (n.s.) 55-56 (1-3): 91-102.

Vincenzo Migliozzi

A species belonging to the section Piloselli of the genus Leucoagaricus found under Cupressus and determined as Leucoagaricus marginatus (Burl.) Boisselet is described. The finding, made in the locality of Castel di Guido (Rome), proved to be conspecific with the specimens described by P. Boisselet and W.J. Sundberg. Similarities and differences from morphologically related entities belonging to sect. Piloselli are discussed.

Boll. Gr. micol. G. Bres. (n.s.) 55-56 (1-3): 103-114.

Massimo Panchetti

Psilocybe serbica, a widespread European species within Psilocybe sect. Caerulescentes

Psilocybe serbica, a widespread European species within Psilocybe sect. Caerulescentes

Boll. Gr. micol. G. Bres. (n.s.) 55-56 (1-3): 115-128.

Eliseo Battistin, Orlando Marsico & Norberto Righetto

The macro- and microscopic features of Entoloma anatinum, a rare taxon found in the Sila plateau in southern Italy, are reported and colour photos of the basidiomata along with microscopical elements are provided. A comparison with similar entities is carried out too.

Boll. Gr. micol. G. Bres. (n.s.) 55-56 (1-3): 129-133.

Marco Floriani

An annotated list of fungal types housed in the modern collections of the MUSE (Trento Science Museum) (TR) herbarium is presented. For each specimen, essential herbarium data are given; in addition, updates on the status of the mentioned taxa are provided where appropriate. The Bresadola herbarium collections are not addressed in this note.

Boll. Gr. micol. G. Bres. (n.s.) 55-56 (1-3): 135-143.