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Marco Floriani

Meinhard Moser: obituary

Boll. Gr. micol. G. Bres. (n.s.) 45 (2): 4-6.

Vincenzo Migliozzi & Mauro Camboni

The mycoflora of the Roman littoral. 11th contribution. Description of Helvella juniperi, Boletus comptus, Boletus luridus, Boletus permagnificus and Xerocomus roseoalbidus

In this 11th contribution dedicatede to the knowledge of the mycoflora of the Roman littoral, the authors describe Helvella juniperi, Boletus comptus, Boletus luridus, Boletus permagnificus and Xerocomus roseoalbidus. For each species they provide a macro- and microscopical description, ecological data, line drawings of the microscopical charcaters, colour photographs and a short comment.

Boll. Gr. micol. G. Bres. (n.s.) 45 (2): 7-28.

Arpalice Alpago Novello

Bovista paludosa recorded in a peat-bog in Melere (Belluno)

Bovista paludosa, a remarkable species typically growing in peat-bogs, is described on the basis of a collection from Melere (Veneto, North-Eastern Italy). This species could resemble at a first glance a Lycoperdon; from the latter genus it is however distinguished on account of the different structure of the subgleba, which is very compact and with a poroid structure hardly visible to naked eye, even in old specimens. Microscopically it is possible to observe a typical Bovista-type capillitium.

Boll. Gr. micol. G. Bres. (n.s.) 45 (2): 29-33.

Barbara Ballarini, Giuseppe Ballarini & Nicola Sitta

Technical and chemical notes on the analysis for the evaluation of dried fungi

The Italian law about food production and commerce, and about the trade in wild mushrooms, specifies many qualities and characteristics that dried mushrooms, and in particular dried porcini mushrooms (Boletus edulis) must conform to. Since the law doesn't propose any official method to perform the analysis to control these characteristics, the authors propose an objective interpretation of the law and the most judicious methodology for the analysis to control each parameter.

Boll. Gr. micol. G. Bres. (n.s.) 45 (2): 37-47.

Francesco Damiani

Interesting records: Ramaria fagetorum

Description and observations about a rare Ramaria species found in the province of Belluno. Line drawings of the microscopic features and a colour photograph are given.

Boll. Gr. micol. G. Bres. (n.s.) 45 (2): 48-49.

Francisco D. Calonge, Faustino GarcĂ­a & Pablo Juste

New data on the hypogeous fungi of Spain. IX. Pachyphloeus macrosporus sp. nov.

Pachyphloeus macrosporus is described as a new species: it is charcaterized by large ascospores, black and tough gleba smooth peridium. A key to the hitherto described Pachyphloeus species is given. Elaphomyces decipiens and Elaphomyces papillatus are newly recorded for Spain. New chorological data regarding 14 other hypogeous taxa are given.

Boll. Gr. micol. G. Bres. (n.s.) 45 (2): 51-61.