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Vincenzo Migliozzi e Antonio Ortega Díaz

Some Macrolepiota of sect. Macrosporae in Mediterranean environment

The Authors describe four taxa belonging in the genus Macrolepiota, section Macrosporae: M. fuligineosquarrosa, M. fuligineosquarrosa f. psammophila, M. excoriata and M. konradii. They outline the macroscopic and microscopic characters and they provide a rich iconography by means of photographs and line drawings. The variability of the species described is illustrated. Images of M. excoriata var. rubescens, M. excoriata f. barlae and M. phaeodisca are added for comparison.

Boll. Gr. micol. G. Bres. (n.s.) 44 (2): 5-30.

Fabio Padovan e Marco Contu

Notholepiota sardoa sp. nov., a new gasteromycete phylogenetically close to the Lepiotaceae discovered in Sardinia

Notholepiota sardoa, a new secotioid agaric related to the Lepiotaceae, collected in Sardinia, is described. The new species is illustrated with a colour photograph and taxonomically delimited from N. areolata, type species of the genus Notholepiota. The description of the genus Notholepiota is amended to include the new species and this genus is therefore added to the European mycoflora. A key to the known species of Notholepiota is added.

Boll. Gr. micol. G. Bres. (n.s.) 44 (2): 31-26.

Roberto Fontenla, Mario Gottardi & Roberto Para

Notes on the genus Melanoleuca. Third contribution: description of two collections of Melanoleuca friesii

The Authors draw a comparison between Melanoleuca friesii and Melanoleuca albifolia, and conclude that M. albifolia should be regarded as a synonym of M. friesii. Two collections of this species are described and illustrated in colour and with line drawings, and one of them is selected as a neotype of M. friesii, as original material of T. friesii Bres. could not be traced in Bresadola's herbaria kept in Trento and Stockholm. A survey of the interpretations of the names Agaricus arcuatus, Tricholoma friesii, Tricholoma stridulum in the literature is given.

Boll. Gr. micol. G. Bres. (n.s.) 44 (2): 37-47.

Lillo La Chiusa

Lepiotaceae: 4th contribution to the knowledge of interesting species

The Author describes six interesting species of Lepiota collected in the provinces of Milano and Como (Lombardia, Northern Italy): Lepiota forquiqnonii, Lepiota griseovirens, Lepiota lilacea, Lepiota pratensis, Lepiota pseudohelveola and Lepiota xanthophylla.

Boll. Gr. micol. G. Bres. (n.s.) 44 (2): 49-66.

Mariangela Napoli

Macromycetes of Sicilian beech woods

The author lists 141 taxa at specific and infraspecific rank among the macromycetes collected in Sicilian beech woods during the last three years. Both phytosociologic and bioclimatic notes about Sicilian beech woods are added.

Boll. Gr. micol. G. Bres. (n.s.) 44 (2): 67-75.