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Alfredo Vizzini

A rare species in the Valentino Park (Turin): Coprinopsis strossmayeri

An uncommon "coprinoid" species collected in Italy, Coprinopsis strossmayeri, is described and its systematic position discussed. Recent splitting up, based on molecular data, of the genus Coprinus into Coprinus s. str. (Agaricaceae) and Coprinopsis, Coprinellus, Parasola (Psathyrellaceae), is briefly examined.

Boll. Gr. micol. G. Bres. (n.s.) 44 (1): 4-12.

Scott Redhead

Coprinus, no more Coprinus…

Observations on the use of molecular techniques in mycology and their implications on the systematics of macromycetes. How to reconcile our present systematics with the upcoming changes?

Boll. Gr. micol. G. Bres. (n.s.) 44 (1): 13-17.

Marco Floriani

Season fungi: Helvella acetabulum, Helvella leucomelaena, Helvella confusa and Helvella solitaria

Tha author compares some Helvella species which can be easily observed in the Alps during springtime.

Boll. Gr. micol. G. Bres. (n.s.) 44 (1): 18-22.

Alfredo Riva

Tricholoma news, observations and notes

The Author comments on some taxonomic and nomenclatural novelties introduced for the genus Tricholoma, after a recent monographic treatment of the genus by Christensen & Noordeloos.

Boll. Gr. micol. G. Bres. (n.s.) 44 (1): 23-30.

Baldomero Moreno-Arroyo, Francisco de Diego Calonge & Javier Gómez

The genus Genea (Otidaceae, Pezizales) in Southern Spain (Andalusia)

A taxonomic study on the genus Genea in Andalusia, South of Spain, is presented. Genea compacta is recorded for the first time in Europe, G. thaxterii for the second time. Five other taxa in this genus (G. lespiaultii, G. sphaerica, G. sphaerica f. lobulata, G. subbaetica, G. verrucosa) are described and commented. Some ecological and chorological data are added.

Boll. Gr. micol. G. Bres. (n.s.) 44 (1): 31-45.

Vincenzo Migliozzi & Giovanni Zecchin

The genus Melanophyllum: description of Melanophyllum haematospermum, M. haematospermum f. gracile and M. eyrei

The Authors present and discuss three taxa in the genus Melanophyllum, viz. M. haematospermum, M. haematospermum f. gracile and M. eyrei. Each species is fully described macro- and microscopically, providing line drawings and colour photographs. A key to the species, varieties and forms of the genus Melanophyllum is presented. The systematic position of the genus is discussed.

Boll. Gr. micol. G. Bres. (n.s.) 44 (1): 49-58.