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Alfredo Riva

Tricholoma hemisulphureum, an interesting alpine species

The author fully describes Tricholoma hemisulphureum, raising it to species level (this taxon was has formerly been considered as a variety of T. sulphureum). A colour picture and line drawings of the microscopic characters are also given.

Boll. Gr. micol. G. Bres. (n.s.) 42 (1): 3-6.

Gianfranco Medardi

The genus Tarzetta

The Author outlines the genus Tarzetta (Ascomycetes, Pezizales) and provides a dichotomous key of the genus. For each of the four treated species he adds a concise description, a colour photograph and a sketch of the microscopical characters.

Boll. Gr. micol. G. Bres. (n.s.) 42 (1): 7-13.

Vincenzo Migliozzi & Mauro Camboni

The mycological flora of the Roman coast. 1st contribution

In this first contribution the Authors describe seven interesting species found in the coastal woods near Rome: Clitocybe nivea, Lepista metachroa, Leucopaxillus paradoxus, Tephrocybe striaepilea, Boletus radicans f. sanguineipes, Boletus poikilochromus and Gyroporus cyanescens. For each of them they provide a complete description, drawings of the microscopical features and a colour photograph.

Boll. Gr. micol. G. Bres. (n.s.) 42 (1): 15-45.

Marco Floriani

Season fungi: Entoloma vernum

Description and colour photograph of Entoloma vernum, a rather common poisonous toadstool growing in spring.

Boll. Gr. micol. G. Bres. (n.s.) 42 (1): 46-47.

Marco Floriani & Marco Donini

Fungi under the lens: Panaeolus guttulatus

Description and two colour photographs are given for Panaeolus guttulatus, a rare fungus characterized by the white droplets exudating from the gills; some brief notes about the genus Panaeolus are added.

Boll. Gr. micol. G. Bres. (n.s.) 42 (1): 48-49.

Nicola Sitta & Nando Togni

Dried and conserved fungi and the law: some badly known or misinterpreted problems

The Authors discuss some problems concerning the commercialization of dried and preserved mushrooms, discussing the Italian laws on the subject.

Boll. Gr. micol. G. Bres. (n.s.) 42 (1): 51-56.