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Lactarius subpurpureus Peck
Rep. (Annual) New York State Mus. Nat. Hist. 29: 43. 1878.

Lactifluus subpurpureus (Peck) Kuntze
Revis. gen. pl. 2: 857. 1891.

Original diagnosis

Pileus at first convex, then expanded or depressed, smooth, subviscid, variegated with purplish and cinereous hues; lamellae dull-red or purplish; stem equal, colored like the pileus; milk sparse, dark-red.
Plant 2'-4' high, pileus 2'-3' broad, stem 3"-5" thick.
Mossy ground in swamps. Sandlake. August.
The species is related to L. deliciosus, but there are no orange hues either to the plant or the milk as in that species.


Holotypus: Peck (NYS)
North America: United States: New York, Sandlake

Published type studies: Hesler & Smith (1979), N. Amer. Spec. Lactarius: 76; Montoya & Bandala, Mycotaxon 89: 50-52




SEM photos