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Lactarius salmoneus Peck
Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 25: 369. 1898.

Original diagnosis

Pileus rather thin, convex, becoming nearly plane or slightly depressed in the center, dry, subvelvety, sometimes irregular, white, becoming reddish where bruised; milk bright salmon color, taste mild, slightly aromatic; lamellae narrow, close, adnate or decurrent, bright salmon color; stem short, solid, central or occasionally eccentric, velvety, white, salmon color within; spores subglobose, 7.5-9 µ. long. Pileus 2.5-3.8 cm. broad; stem about 2.5 cm. long, 3-6 mm. thick. Cespitose, in wet swampy places, usually on naked ground that has been overflowed. August. Earle & Baker.


Holotypus: Earle & Baker (in Peck) (NYS)
North America: United States: Vaughn's Mills, Alabama

Published type studies: Hesler & Smith (1979), N. Amer. Spec. Lactarius: 72




SEM photos