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Lactarius romagnesii Bon
Doc. Mycol. 9 (35): 39. 1979.

Lactarius fuliginosus f. speciosus J.E. Lange
Dansk Bot. Ark. 5 (5): 33. 1928 (as Lactarius fuliginosus f. 'speciosa').

Lactarius picinus var. speciosus (J.E. Lange) Romagn.
Rev. Mycol. (Paris) 14: 111. 1949.

Lactarius speciosus (J.E. Lange) Romagn.
(nom. illeg., art. 53.1 ICBN)
Bull. Soc. Mycol. France 72: 329. 1957 ("1956").

Lactarius ruginosus var. speciosus (J.E. Lange) A. Favre
Doc. Mycol. 34 (135-136): 44. 2008.

Taxonomic synonyms:

= Lactarius ruginosus f. obscurus Bon, Doc. Mycol. 10 (40): 65. 1980.

Original diagnosis

This form may be regarded as a transition to L. lignyotus Fr.. It is large, the dark sootbrown cap often somewhat crenulated at the edge. The stem paler sootbrownish. Spores almost spheric, coarsely warty-spinulose, 9 x 8 µ; (subreticulate 1914).
Fig. specim. (D.A. pl. 838): Hjallese, frondose wood, Oct. 1896 (and later years).
The typical L. lignyotus, which is said to grow in coniferous woods and to be very tall-stemmed (Icones selectae pl. 171), I have never met. My specimens are very well represented by Cooke's figure (loc. cit. pl. 996). Lactariella azonites (Bull.) Schroeter is synonymous.


Holotypus: Lange, Danske Agaricacéer, pl. 838 (C)
Europe: Denmark

Epitypus: J.H. Petersen 94.218 (C)
Europe: Denmark: Pamhule Skov v. for Haderslev




SEM photos