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Russula variata Banning
Bot. Gaz. 6 (1): 166. 1881.

Russula cyanoxantha var. variata (Banning) Singer
Feddes Repert. 33: 350. 1934.

Russula cyanoxantha f. variata (Banning) Kühner & Romagn.
(nom. inval., art. 33.3 ICBN)
Fl. Analyt. Champ. Supér. [IF]: 443. 1953.

Original diagnosis

Pileus at first globose, then expanded and centrally depressed, smooth, viscid, variable in color and even variegated, brownish or pinkish-purple, with at times a cast of green, epidermis peels easily, the extreme under margin edged with a delicate line of purple, flesh white, unchanging; lamellae white, adnexed, narrow, forked, close; stipe white, smooth, more or less tapering at the base, spongy within; spores white, echinulate, .0003 by .0003 inches; taste acrid.
Plant nearly two inches high, pileus three or four inches broad, stipe nine lines thick.
In woods near Baltimore, July. — M. E. Banning.


Holotypus: Bot. Gaz. 6 (1): pl. 95

Published type studies: Hesler (1960).

Nomenclatural notes

  1. The protologue does not refer to plate 95, but the plate is associated with the text that refers to a collection from Baltimore, July, corresponding to the protologue.




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