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Russula subfoetens W.G. Smith
J. Bot. 11: 337. 1873.

Russula foetens var. subfoetens (W.G. Smith) Massee
Brit. fung.-fl. 3: 70. 1893.

Original diagnosis

R. subfoetens, nov. sp.: Pileus bullate, sub-viscid, disc fleshy, margin sub-membranaceous; gills thick, distant and branched; stem not stout as in R. foetens, than which ours is altogether smaller; odour somewhat desagreeable; taste slightly acrid. Various localities. - This is the plant referred to by Fries in his Syst. Myc., vol. I, p. 58 as a var. of R. fragilis; but R. fragilis has crowded, thin and generally entire gills, while those of our plant are thick, distant and branched. Our plant is much nearer R. foetens, but it differs in its margin, & c., and is a good species.


Neotypus: PC: Romagnesi 13.VII.1947, Europe:




SEM photos