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Russula ballouii Peck
Bull. New York State Mus. Nat. Hist. 167: 31. 1913.

Original diagnosis

Pileus thin, broadly convex, nearly plane or slightly depressed in the center, yellow when moist, grayish yellow when the moisture has escaped, the pale brick-red cuticle cracking into minute scales everywhere except in the center; lamellae thin, narrow, close, adnate or subdecurrent, pale yellow, becoming pruinose or dusted by the white spores; stem firm, equal or slightly tapering downward, the surface colored and adorned like the pileus; spores subglobose, 8–10 µ.
Pileus 2–3 cm broad, stem 2–3 cm long, 8–10 mm thick.
Woods, specially under poplar trees. Near Bullshead, Richmond co. October. W. H. Ballou.
Pileus tenuis, late convexus, subplanus vel in centro leviter depressus, humidus luteus, siccus griseo-luteus, ubique, disco excepto, squamis minutis lateritiis ornatus; lamellae tenues, angustae, confertae, adnatae vel subdecurrentes, pallide vel pruinosae; stipes firmus, aequalis vel leviter sursum crassus, pileo similis ornatus et coloratus; sporae subglobosae 8–10 µ.


Holotypus: f416 (NYS)
North America: United States: New York: Staten Island
Woods, especially under poplar trees

Nomenclatural notes

  1. The difference in date between the original diagnosis and the type is explained in Peck's correspondence with Ballou.




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