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Lactarius akahatsu Tanaka
Bot. Mag. (Tokyo) 4: 394. 1890.

Lactarius hatsudake var. akahatsu (Tanaka) Kawam.
Bot. Mag. (Tokyo) 28: 525. 1914.

Taxonomic synonyms:

= Lactarius deliciosus f. virescens S. Imai, Bot. Mag. (Tokyo) 49: 607. 1935.

Original diagnosis

Lactarius Akahatsu. - Pileus fleshy, 2-8 cm. broad, at first hemispherical, then expanded, umbilicate, viscid, obsolutely zoned, smooth, yellowish red, then pale; margin smooth, at first incurved, paler, at length slightly repand, rather thin and acute; stem 1-4 cm. long, nearly equal, curved, stuffed, then hollow, yellowish, pruinose; gills decurrent, orange, then greenish, rather thin (narrower than those of L. Hatsudake), broadest in front; juice orange, aromatic; spores echinulate, nearly spherical or avoid, subhyaline, 9-11 µ. long and 6-8 µ. in diameter.


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