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Lactifluus gerardii (Peck) Kuntze
Revis. gen. pl. 2: 856. 1891.

Lactarius gerardii Peck
Bull. Buffalo Soc. Nat. Sci. 1: 57. 1873 (as Lactarius 'geradii').

Original diagnosis

Pileus expanded or centrally depressed, dry, rugulose-wrinkled, often with a minute umbo or papilla, sooty-brown, the thin spreading margin sometimes wavy or irregular; lamellae broad, distant, decurrent, white, the interspace uneven; stem equal, solid, colored like the pileus; flesh and spores white; taste mild; milk white and unchangeable. Plant 3'-5' high, pileus 2'-4' broad, stem 4"-6" thick. Ground in woods and groves. Poughkeepsie, W. R. Gerard. Albany and Croghan. September.
In the color of the pileus and stem, this species is like the large variety of L. fuliginosus, but is real relationship is with L. distans, from wich it is separated by its color and its longer equal stem, characters which may prove to be only varietal.


Holotypus: Gerard & Peck (syntypes) (NYS)
North America: United States: Croghan, Lewis County & Poughkeepsie (New York)

Lectotypus: leg. Gerard in Peck (labeled 'first type') (NYS)
North America: United States: New York, Poughkeepsie

Published type studies: Hesler & Smith (1979), N. Amer. Spec. Lactarius: 112




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