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Jorinde Nuytinck

Jorinde Nuytinck

Jorinde Nuytinck

Ghent University
Department of Biology
Research Group Mycology
K.L. Ledeganckstraat 35
B-9000 Gent

Jorinde Nuytinck (b. 1978) studied the complex group of Lactarius deliciosus for her PhD. She is currently working as an assistant professor at the mycology lab of Mieke Verbeken and combines a morphological and molecular approach to study the species delimitations and phylogenetic relationships in the genus Lactarius. Bird watching is another passion of this young mycologist.

Recent publications dealing with Russulales

Stubbe, D., Le, H.T., Wang, X.-H., Nuytinck, J., Van de Putte, K. & Verbeken, A. (2011) – The Australasian species of Lactarius subgenus Gerardii (Russulales). Fung. Diversity [IPNI] 52: 141-167.

Van de Putte, K., Nuytinck, J., Stubbe, D., Le, H.T. & Verbeken, A. (2010) – Lactarius volemus sensu lato (Russulales) from northern Thailand: morphological and phylogenetical species concepts explored. Fung. Diversity [IPNI] 45: 99-130.

[Description of Lactarius acicularis, L. crocatus, L. distantifolius, L. longipilus, L. pinguis, L. vitellinus.]

Verbeken, A., Nuytinck, J. & Stubbe, D. (2010) – Type studies of six Australian and one New Zealand Lactarius species. Cryptog. Mycol. [IPNI] 31 (3): 235-249.

[The type specimens of Lactarius clarkeae Clel., L. clelandii Grgur., L. eucalypti O.K. Mill. & R.N. Hilton, L. mea Grgur., L. subclarkeae Grgur. and L. wirrabara Grgur., all described from Australia, and L. sepiaceus McNabb, described from New Zealand, are studied. Microscopical characters are described and illustrated.]

Stubbe, D., Nuytinck, J. & Verbeken, A. (2010) – Critical assessment of the Lactarius gerardii species complex (Russulales). Fungal Biol. 114: 271-283.

Van de Putte, K., De Kesel, A., Nuytinck, J. & Verbeken, A. (2009) – A new Lactarius species from Togo with an isolated phylogenetic position. Cryptog. Mycol. [IPNI] 30 (1): 1-6.

[Lactarius cocosmus Van de Putte & De Kesel sp. nov. is described from Uapaca woodlands in Togo. The species has a remarkable coconut-smell, which is typical for some European and North American Lactarius species but is observed here for the first time in a milkcap from Africa. Unpublished molecular data show that the species represents a new phylogenetic group for the African continent.]