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Welcome to Cantharellus News!

Welcome to the website devoted to the taxonomy and systematics of the genus Cantharellus. Following the example of Russulales News this website attempts to provide all informations on taxa and taxon delimitation in the genus Cantharellus, but our objective is to expand this in a later phase to all taxa belonging to the Cantharellales. The initiators of this website hope you will find it useful.

Cantharellus cibarius is one of the most popular edible fungi both in Europe and in other continents.
(Photo © Marco Donini)

Cantharellus is the type genus of the Cantharellales or cantharelloid clade as recently delimited by Moncalvo et al. (2007). A first step towards the modern delimitation of the cantharelloid clade was a paper that focused on the development of the hydnoid-clavarioid fruit body in hymenomycetes (ref). In this paper, the phylogenetic importance of the stichobasidium was underlined when pointing out the close relationship between Hydnum, Multiclavula with Craterellus and Cantharellus (Pine et al. 1999). In the past 2 decennia, a considerable number of papers dealt with the distribution of the resupinate architecture of the fungal fruit body (for discussions see for example Binder et al. 2005 and Larsson 2007). These papers confirmed the placement of Botryobasidium, Ceratobasidiaceae and a polyphyletic Sistotrema within the cantharelloid clade. The unexpected relationship with the heterobasidiomycetous Tulasnellales was already suggested by Binder et al. (2005) and finally confirmed by Moncalvo et al. (2007).


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